image Poetry of Kent Foreman

From Jonathan to David

By Kent Foreman
(Part of  “A Suite for my People” with “Hammer Song”)


. . . Aw, baby, look!
This life is not no legend, David.
Underdogs is buried  everyday.
Only fairy tales are filled with giant killers.
Man, let Goliath sleep. Or there’ll be hell to pay.

You must be cursed
            To send your mind, Mad

Across the universe
            Lookin’ for a rumble: Bad.
                        But, if you must, well. . .
                        To tell the truth
                        While still a youth,

                        I’d kinda’ like to try that dude myself. .. .

So here’s my hand
            We might as well rejoice,
Soul brother, you understand’?
            It isn’t like we had a choice
                        Or something. . .

I guess we just was born alone
Dig, let’s go find some stones
                                    for the sling*


*(One early version included the line, "....Dr. King" as the last line. . .but Kent rarely performed it that way. . . )