image Poetry of Kent Foreman

Right Now

by Kent Foreman (~1970s)


Now . . .
Right now . . .
                Everything is happening.
                                Like drama
                                Is Supercinerama
Somewhere . . .
                A child has fallen from a tree,
                A husband has misplaced his key
                                                                                To the house,
                                Dreads the anger of his spouse.
                “IT’S 4:00 am!”
Someplace .  . .
Now . . .
                A festooned tenement yard;
                                A junkie needs a fix.
                                Whore bemoan the scarcity of tricks.
                Times are hard.
Somewhere . . .
Right now
                                “cause Love
                                                Somebody’s got the blues—
                                                Lives in a world of deeper hues
                                                                Than grottos in Italian Isles. –
                                                                                                                Trials are going on
                                                This second
                                                                On any humming highway
                                                                                                On any deadly dieway
                                                Two speeding cars collide HEAD ON!
                                A sly student of chess forfeits a pawn
                For a night.
Somewhere . . .
                A fight!
                                In an angry hand a razor slashes
                                Palenstinians arm for border clashes.
                                                Blood wil flow.
Somewhere . . .               
                                A store, afire, is thronged with shoppers
                                                                                A night-soiled cropper’s mule is going lame.
                                                Tragedy comes in assorted sizes
                                                                                Like prizes in a Bingo game.
Anywhere . . .
                                A midwife hears a newborn babe’s indignant crying.
                                And in the lonliest of times
                                                                                A man is dying
Now . . .
Someplace . . .
Right now . . .
                                Some cats are cookin’!
                                Ghetto gigolos are steady lookin’
                                                At the vixens. . .
                                                                Fixin’ to get into something. . .
                                                                                                Or the other. . .
Somewhere. . .
Everyplace. . .
                                All sorts of things
                                                Are going on
                                In this milisec
                                                Or at the ancient dawn,
Everytime. . .
                                                Dreamer. . .
                                                There is no other time than
Now. . .